The greatest use of life is love. The greatest expression of love is time. And the greatest time to love is now
because you may not have that opportunity tomorrow. -Dennis Rainey, Family Life Today

Anthony’s Wedding Vow to Nicole

My dear Nicole,

Words can never accurately portray the depth of my love for you. Your beauty left me speechless from the first time I saw you and your heart captured me as I witnessed you giving your life to Christ each and every day.

I am so proud to be standing up here today with you in front of all these people and Almighty God proclaiming that you are God’s good and perfect plan for my life. I promise that I will always remain faithful to you and to you alone. I promise that you will always feel protected and supported. Despite the cruelty that exists all around us in this world, we will always make it through because we will always have each other and we always have God watching over us. I promise to lead in our relationship and to be decisive; yet, I will always value your opinions and will include you on the decisions we must make as a family. We are a team and together we will press ahead.

You and I are not the type of people who enjoy sitting on the bench. We desire to be in the game. And because of that, I know that we have an exciting life ahead of us with endless possibilities. You have all of me and I commit myself to you here in front of God and these people.

The adventure awaits and I couldn’t see myself setting our without you by my side.

I love you.