The greatest use of life is love. The greatest expression of love is time. And the greatest time to love is now
because you may not have that opportunity tomorrow. -Dennis Rainey, Family Life Today

Nicole’s Wedding Day Letter to Dad


Today is my wedding day! Today you will give me away to Anthony! Today we will share a special dance together! Today we will say goodbye.

Yet, I cannot say goodbye without letting you know what it has meant to me to have you as my Father. There is so much I have to be thankful for because of you in my life. You have been the best Father  I could ever ask for. Your influence has been profound. I am so thankful for the many lessons you have taught me.

Since I can remember you have been the one to make me laugh. No matter what happened during the day, you could always make me laugh with your goofy jokes and expressions. Even though I have heard your stories more times than I can count, I still love to hear them. You are the best storyteller around. I loved climbing up into your lap and reading ‘stoyboiks’ because you always made them come alive. I could even get you to read me a Dr. Seuss book because you would do anything for me. The laughter and the humor you have brought into my life has made me appreciate the fun aspects of life! You have taught me that having fun and enjoying life is important to a family. Thank you for being goofy and spontaneous!

Even now, I realize a little of your creativity and storytelling has rubbed off onto me. I owe my love of theatre and performing all to you. Thank you for passing on Rindercella! I will always cherish that story as my bond with my Daddy. Each time I perform it, I remember the first time I performed it for a high school talent show. I wanted to make you proud and carry on our special tradition. When I perform it in the future, I will take a little piece of you with me. I will smile remembering the time we even performed it together on one of our many cruises. Thank you for always supporting me in my artistic pursuits. I always knew that you would be waiting to give me a big hug and kiss after my performances! Your support and encouragement and inspiration have prompted me to continue on with theatre for the rest of my life.

As I look back over my life, I realize how fortunate I am to have had the opportunities and the experiences you have provided me. You have provided a life rich in traveling adventures! My favorite family memories are the countless vacations we have had together. No other family has had the opportunity to travel as much as we have. I am so thankful for you making it a priority to spend that important family time together and to experience different cultures and areas of the world. I hope to carry on the tradition and take the opportunities to travel and vacation with my family.

All of my experiences and opportunities would not be possible without you providing daily for me and our family. You have always been a model of what it means to work hard and earn a living. I am so thankful for your example of determination, persistence, and a strong work ethic. Your example has taught me to always give my best effort and to value the accomplishments I have made.

Despite our differences in our faith, you have always allowed me the opportunity to share what I believe with you. And I have enjoyed having conversations with you about what you believe. When it comes to faith, you have taught me to always know what I believe and why I believe it. You are an example of strong commitment to your faith. I am thankful for our many talks and discussions.

No matter what goals I have set, you have always believed in me. You have supported me by being involved in my life. You cared about how well I did in school. You encouraged me to get involved in many different extra-curricular activities. You noticed the talents and skills that I had in theatre. When you realized that, you allowed me to grow in that area and made sure I had everything I needed to be successful. I know that no matter what I choose to do in the future, you will be in full support of me and my dreams. You will offer help and advice when needed, and you will be there when I accomplish my goals. I am so thankful for your involvement in my life!

There are so many fond memories I have with you, but here are just a few. I remember you rocking me to sleep while singing me songs. You would always read me stories, no matter how many times we had read them already that week. I always love it when you would set up our swing set wherever we moved. I remember you teaching me how to swim and playing shark attack with us in the pool. How can I forget the tickle button and the way you could tickle me with just one hand! I loved coming to air shows in England and selling zaps. Anytime we were in Llano, I looked forward to going on an adventure with you to Indian burial grounds. I remember you helping me practice my skills for soccer. I will cherish our trip to Saipan and Tinian for our first open water scuba dives together. I remember you helping me through many hours of homework to make straight A’s. I will remember so many treasured moments from these past twenty-five years.

Now my life is beginning a new chapter. I am so thankful that you were there to share in the excitement the day Anthony and I got engaged. And I appreciate that you have been here for the past ten months helping to plan the wedding. I am so blessed to be able to have the wedding of my dreams! You have been so generous, and I know my day will be the most beautiful because you have provided everything I have ever needed and dreamed!

So, today as we say goodbye, I will remember all or our memories. I am so proud to call you my Dad. I could not think of anyone else who I would want to walk me down the aisle. Thank you for trusting Anthony enough to give him your first daughter. Even though we may be far apart, I will always be your daughter. And you will always be my Daddy! I love you very much!

Your daughter,